Toddler Rescued from 15-Meter-Deep Well in Thailand

One Year Old Girl Rescued from 15 Meters Deep Well in Thailand
Emergency service team successfully rescued the girl from the deep well (photo: Fire & Rescue Thailand)

Thai emergency service team has successfully saved a one-year-old girl who fell into a 15-meter-deep well in Northern Thailand’s Tak province last night.

According to Thairath, the operation lasted 17 hours after the little girl accidentally fell into a 30 centimeters-wide and 15 meters-deep well after her parents, a couple from Burma, left to work at a cassava field nearby.

Three backhoes were used to dig up the soil to a depth of 13 meters before the team heard the infant’s cry. The rescue team also stated that they had to be extremely cautious while excavating into the hole because there was a possibility of the land collapsing into the well.

After the initial digging period, the emergency service team used a camera to look into the well and discovered that the infant was still breathing with the help of an oxygen tube the team had previously sent down. The officials then continued digging until they reached the toddler at around 10:40 am on Tuesday, and ultimately saved her.

One Year Old Girl Rescued from 15 Meters Deep Well in Thailand
The hole the infant fell into after a long digging (photo: เอก เกียรติศักดิ์ แม่สอด..)

Alongside the little girl’s parents, many Burmese laborers also gathered at the scene to observe her rescue.

The girl’s mother, 20-year-old Ms. Atay who was sitting and crying throughout the rescue said that she came to the area to dig some cassava along with her husband and daughter.

She informed that she left her daughter under a nearby tree to shelter her from the sun as she worked but the baby began crawling around and fell into the well without her knowledge.

When she realized the daughter was missing, she started calling out only to hear her crying from inside the well she had fallen into. The accident scene is reportedly a large cassava plantation near another avocado field.

The report also stated that, despite the team’s best efforts to dig through the dirt, the rocky surface and abundance of stones in the area slowed down the operation. After being rescued, the toddler was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical examination.