103 Military Hospital Completes Complex Brain Surgery

103 Military Hospital Completes Complex Brain Surgery
Medical Professionals performing brain surgery. ( Photo : Pathedlao )

For the past two months, the medical team of the Lao Army has been working in collaboration with experts from the Chinese Liberation Army to aid in the neurosurgery of three patients.

The fifth cranial nerve (CN V), which was damaged by blood vessels while supplying blood to the brain, is diagnosed as the cause of the injury for the patients.

A trigeminal nerve injury may affect a small area, like parts of your gum, or a larger area, like one side of your face. The injury can cause problems with chewing and speaking, according to Cleveland Clinic.

The symptoms reported by the patients included facial pain, eye socket pain, and excruciating pain while speaking, eating, coughing, and sneezing.

This surgery was led by Prof. Dr. Li San Zhong, and the surgical team of 103 Military Hospital.

After examining symptoms, medical histories, physical examinations of the patient, and the combination of CTA and MRI images, doctors were able to make a clear diagnosis.

The surgical procedure was completed shortly after the diagnosis. All three patients, including two women, are on their way to making a full recovery, and symptoms of the injury have ceased as well, reports Pathedlao.

This surgery was the first of its kind in the history of Laos, led by medical experts of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

China has assisted with new and modern techniques to treat the patients in Lao, and cure diseases that would have never been cured. 

In the past, the People’s Liberation Army of China has also aided in the training of a five-day humanitarian and medical rescue exercise with a focus on emergency rescue and disaster relief work in relation to national defense.