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Thailand Cabinet Approves Tourist Entry Fees for International Visitors

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The Cabinet of Thailand has approved a new entry fee for visitors aimed at ensuring health and accident coverage for tourists, according to the Sports and Tourism Minister of Thailand.

Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn stated that the entry fees will start at THB 150  for visitors entering by land and water, and THB 300 for visitors traveling into the country by air.

The tax will be added to the cost of air travel, but the collection method for land and water travelers has not yet been determined.

The minister said that entry fees will be cheaper for those who are traveling by land or water because he believes most visitors who travel by land or water tend to stay for a shorter period of time.

The cost will be waived for those who do not remain overnight.

The Thai government expects to collect around THB 3.9 Billion in fees this year, with part of the sum being used to help provide tourists with health and accident insurance coverage. A part of the fee will also help to fund local tourist attractions

“The entry fee will support care for tourists. From 2017 to 2019, foreign tourists used services at public hospitals and that cost the state as much as THB 300-400 million,” Mr. Phiphat said.

Post-Pandemic Thailand has seen a huge boost in tourism, with the country estimating that arrivals into the country may reach as high as 30 million this year.

Authorities came up with the arrival idea some time ago but its imposition was delayed by the pandemic. 

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