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Minor Arrested For Killing 12-Year-Old Boy in Vientiane

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Police in Vientiane Province apprehended a boy last week after he slashed another boy to death while trying to rob a home in Vang Vieng district.

The accused was later identified as 15-year-old Chamnong, who confessed to having killed a 12-year-old boy who tried to stop him from robbing his house.

Chamnong confessed to the police that he thought no one was in the house when he broke in. In his statement, he said he made his way to the back of the house and grabbed a 1-meter-long piece of wood, which he used to gain access through a window.

While entering the house, the 15-year-old said he was taken aback to find a young boy who questioned whether he was a robber and then attempted to call his father. Fearing arrest, he seized a blade kept nearby and struck the 12-year-old in the face, making him immediately collapse to the ground.

Chamnong added that he repeatedly slashed the boy’s face to ensure he didn’t get up before he fled the scene, unaware that he had killed the 12-year-old in the process.

Shortly after, the victim’s father, accompanied by police, visited the boy’s house, arrested him, and took him to the police station where he confessed his crime.

According to one of the officers who spoke with the Laotian Times, the perpetrator and victim may have known each other because they lived in the same district.

The officer explained that Chamnong had previously served time at a detention facility for drug addiction and robberies, and that he came from a troubled family.

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