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Luang Prabang Landfill Fire Continues to Rage on After Two Weeks

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Two weeks after the landfill fire broke out, authorities in Luang Prabang have still been unable to entirely extinguish it and have stated that it would take additional time to do so.

Laopost reported that the authorities in Luang Prabang had managed to bring the fire under control and prevent the blaze from spreading extensively. However, despite persistent efforts to put out the fire, it is still raging across around 5 hectares of waste at the moment.

Deputy Director of Urban Planning and Management in Luang Prabang, Mr. Davanh Sirivong gave an update on the situation on Wednesday explaining the cause of the delay.

He said that the landfill was dug as a waste pit in the shape of a reservoir with a depth of several meters and filled in three layers. The fire may have burnt up the first layer of garbage causing a great struggle for the authorities to extinguish the flame.

Currently, every attempt is being made to put out the fire by spraying water to quench the smoke that has penetrated deep beneath the waste pile, he added.

Despite the government and private sector’s cooperation in providing equipment and vehicles, Mr. Davanh said that additional time is required to properly extinguish the fire.

According to recent air quality data on Wednesday, the air pollution level in Luang Prabang remains harmful, and people should avoid outdoor activities and use equipment like masks or air purifiers to filter out the toxic air if necessary.

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