“No Driving on Footpath” Sign Goes Viral in Thailand

No Riding on Footpath Traffic Sign Photo Goes Viral in Thailand
The viral photo featuring the new footpath traffic sign (photo: Pravit Rojanaphruk)

A photo of a new traffic sign noticed in Bangkok went viral this week after a social media user posted it online.

The new sign warns commuters against riding motorcycles on the path meant only for pedestrians. Any person found violating a rule faces a maximum fine of THB 5,000 (around USD 143.72). However, a food delivery app rider was parked right next to the sign in the photo, with no apparent worry of being penalized for the same.

Other social media users quickly took notice of the photo and some argued that the sign alone is insufficient, if the law isn’t actually implemented. Others joked that it would be OK if someone simply parked and did not ride their vehicle on the pavement.

According to traffic laws in Thailand, no individual is permitted to park or drive a motorbike, or any other wheeled vehicle on the sidewalk, unless it is required to access a building or a traffic officer has posted a sign permitting the same.

In 2021, a foreign woman living in Vientiane Capital went famous after video clips of her blocking the way for motorists who attempted to drive on the footpath had gone viral.