Xaysettha District Occupants Raise Land Grab Issues at National Assembly

Xaysettha District Occupants Raise Land Grab Issues at National Assembly
Members of the National Assembly and Vientiane People’s Council meet with their constituents in Xaysettha district, Vientiane. ( Photo : Pasaxon )

Residents of Xaysettha District raised concerns about not receiving the full payment after their land had been taken from them for a development project, along with other problems in their respective villages.

Constituents from the Noy Village, Xiangda Village, and Non Wai village met with representatives from the National Assembly and the Vientiane People’s Council to discuss about the ever-increasing cost of living and issues about not receiving full payment for their land.

During the meeting, residents raised the issue of the compensation package promised to be paid by the developers after taking over their land.

The residents were promised a compensation package of KIP 400 million (USD 23,754), but they received only KIP 40 million (USD 2,375).

Vientiane Times reports that residents had asked the representatives to intervene on their behalf and to speed up the process.

Residents also asked for combative measures to address the issue of the skyrocketing prices of essential items, which has caused considerable hardship in their lives.

The issue of neighboring restaurants playing loud music, along with the insufficient supply of electricity causing repetitive power outages were also discussed in the meeting.

The grounds for rising prices in Laos is the soaring inflation rate that has been increasing every month since last year.