Govt. Unveils Data Management System for Digital Birth Registration

Mothers and children. ( Photo: UNFPA Lao PDR).

The government of Laos has introduced a digital central data management system to collect population data in the country. 

Ministry of Home Affairs launched the Electronic Registration and Vital Statistics System (eCRVS) at a meeting in February to analyze the data on births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.

The registration digital system could be accessed through computers and mobile phones that collect information from the district offices to relevant governmental sectors to issue birth certification.

The eCRVS will generate daily, monthly, and annual reports on citizen data, and users will be able to provide feedback on the services through a service box.

The ministry started to develop the eCRVS system in 2017 and tested the system in Vientiane Capital and the provinces of Luang Prabang, and Champasack within 31 districts.

Mr. Thongchan Manixay, Minister of Home Affairs, said during the meeting that the system will manage, secure, and search for citizens’ information better, allowing the government to effectively plan national socio-economic development and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By 2024, the Lao government will aim for at least 70% of citizens and newborns to be registered and have official birth certificates.