Lao Airlines Plane Returns After Aircraft Collision in South Korea

The Airbus A320 aircraft from Lao Airlines that collided in South Korea in December. (Photo: Sengphet.D, AeroLaos).

A passenger plane from Lao Airlines flew back to Vientiane on Wednesday following a collision with a Korean airplane at Incheon International Airport three months ago.

The Airbus A320 aircraft with the registration number RDPL-34199 landed at Wattay International Airport on Wednesday.

It was grounded in South Korea after the Lao Airlines flight QV924 tail wing scraped the main wing of an Air Premia plane while waiting for take-off. The latter was being towed at the time.

No passengers, or airport personnel, were injured in the incident apart from the damage to the Lao Airlines flight.

Lao Airlines provided accommodation, food, and a special flight for passengers on the flight to fly back to Vientiane Capital.

The airlines also appointed a committee to be responsible for technical and insurance matters in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Civil Aviation of Laos and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).