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US and Laos Cooperate in Anti-Human Trafficking Learning Event

This Week

Lao and US officials met in Vientiane on Friday to jointly undertake an anti-human trafficking learning event.

Embassy Vientiane Deputy Chief of Mission, Shannon Farrell and Police Colonel Latsamy Xayakham, Director General of Anti-Human Trafficking Department, Head of the Office, National Secretariat on Anti Human Trafficking co-chaired a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Learning Event for in Vientiane last week.

The event included a presentation on the U.S. TIP report from the U.S. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in Washington D.C and an overview the of TIP situation in Laos presented by a representative from the Anti-Human Trafficking Secretariat.

The TIP Learning Event was the first event of its kind between the embassy and the Anti-Human Trafficking Secretariat and fulfilled a request made to the embassy to provide the Secretariat with information about the compilation of the U.S. TIP Report and the development of Prioritized Recommendations for Laos.

“Ending trafficking in persons continues to be a priority for the United States.  Building on the responsiveness and efforts shown in the last year, I am confident that the Government of Laos, together with development partners can do more in 2023 and beyond. The United States is committed to supporting Laos in this effort,” said DCM Shannon Farrell.

In 2022, the U.S. TIP Report Prioritized Recommendations for Laos included continued dissemination and training for police and border officials on the national victim protection and guidelines, proactive screening for trafficking indicators among vulnerable groups, increased efforts to proactively identify and provide protection services to men, boys, and LGBTQI+ victims of forced labor and sex trafficking, and increasing the number of investigations, prosecutions, and convictions, among other recommendations.

The United States has contributed over $10 million dollars to combat TIP in Laos. The Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons visited Laos to meet with the Secretariat for Anti-Human Trafficking and to conduct site visits with TIP grantee organizations working on TIP in Laos.

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