Hong Kong Man Survives Broken Bungee Cord Fall in Thailand

Hong Kong Man Survives After Falling From Broken Bungee Chord in Thailand
Mike reminiscing about the tragic incident he experienced in Thailand (photo: hk01)

The man survived the ordeal after sustaining moderate injuries and later demanded a refund from the park where the incident occurred. The story has since gained attention online and highlights the potential dangers of extreme sports.

The Hong Kong national, identified as “Mike” in news reports, fell from a height of 30 meters after the bungee cord snapped in the middle of the jump. Unlike a typical bungee cord, which would bounce back up upon becoming taut, Mike’s broken cord did not behave as expected, and he plummeted to the water’s surface, landing with a loud impact.


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Mike, kept his eyes closed for the entire 6 seconds he was free falling after his bungee cord snapped and when he hit the water instead of bouncing back up like his friend who attempted the jump before, he lost consciousness briefly and woke up still in the water.

He suffered multiple injuries, including flayed skin on his left armpit, bruises on his limbs, and injuries to his left side, chest, and lungs, causing him great pain and dizziness.

The park where the incident occurred offered Mike a compensation of USD 400, which included a refund of USD 85 for the bungee jump and USD 307 for his emergency medical fees. However, Mike was unsatisfied with the amount offered and refused to sign a form absolving the park of any responsibility.

Fortunately, Mike’s travel insurance coverage helped pay for the over USD 8,527 in medical bills he had accumulated during his three-day hospital stay. He received treatment for injuries that included a lung infection and a possible concussion and continued with therapy afterward.