Samsung Redefines Luxury with Bespoke Infinite Line


Built for discerning homeowners who appreciate timeless value perfected by cutting-edge innovation and fine craftmanship

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 March 2023 – Samsung Electronics Singapore unveiled the new Bespoke Infinite Line, which includes three freestanding productsa Wine Cellar, Fridge, and Freezer, featuring timeless design that combines refined lines with high-quality panels and finishes. The Made-in-Korea lineup is equipped with features that offers superior level of convenience, and beautifully complements any existing kitchen décor with its minimalist simplicity.

The Bespoke Infinite Line – a new class of luxury

The Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar is Samsung’s first full-height wine storage appliance. Tapping into the desire of wine enthusiasts and collectors, the Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar is not just a wine storage space, it is a must-have statement piece that offers an elegant showcase of wine collection and innovative wine storage solutions.

“Our Bespoke line has resonated with many homeowners for its aesthetic and remarkable performance. Bespoke’s contemporary modular take on refrigeration solutions removes the need to discard or replace your fridge as your lifestyle evolves. For Bespoke Infinite Line, we combined that versatility with a design that exudes luxury, refined finishing, coupled with premium materials that is sure to remain stylish for years,” said Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

The Bespoke Infinite Line contemporary modularity offers incredible possibilities of configuration.

The Bespoke Infinite Line beautifully made to complement any kitchen with its built-in look.

Timeless Design for Every Kitchen
With a timeless aesthetic that reflects the latest trends, the Bespoke Infinite Line is built to last. Distinguished by its refined lines, the Infinite Design harmoniously blends into modern kitchens and will stand the test of time. Its smooth surface, metallic Timeless Greige finish with premium aluminium exterior, are complemented by an elegant gold copper-edged frame.

Made to fit coherently to achieve a built-in look, the Bespoke modularity element also allows homeowners to customise and seamlessly combine multiple modules into one unit. The 1-Door Fridge and 1-Door Freezer can be enhanced with the Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar or vice versa, to create the perfect modular configuration to suit homeowner’s lifestyle.

The interior is bright and refined with its Tunnel Lighting and Black Metal Cooling, the two features that epitomise elegant balance of form and function. The Tunnel Lighting on the frame not only enhances the aesthetic, but beautifully illuminates the interior with light from every direction. Applied to the duct and door, Black Metal Cooling not only creates a sense of depth, but also makes it easier for the cooling units to efficiently maintain its cold temperature inside to ensure the freshness of your produce.

The Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar comes with a high-performance Triple-Glazed Glass Door that blocks and reflects UV rays[1], to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from chemically altering the quality and taste of the wines. The natural wood racks are crafted from high-quality natural oak wood that reduces quality-diminishing vibrations. There is also a presentation zone within the wine cellar for homeowners to showcase their most prized wine collections.

Close-up of the Infinite Design panel

Natural wood racks add sophistication to the Wine Cellar

Ultimate Convenience for Homeowners

When it comes to luxury kitchen design, nothing is more exclusive than kitchen appliances that fit seamlessly into the cabinetry to achieve a built-in look, coupled with outstanding performance. The Bespoke Infinite Line is equipped with features that provide users the ability to store and access the cooling units under ideal conditions.

The Auto Open Door features a sensor on the side[2] that automatically opens the door when touched[3] for convenient access. The built-in sensor means there is no protruding door handles to get in the way, and the minimal look addresses modern consumers’ demand for clutter-free designs.

A 1.4-liter AutoFill Water Pitcher found in the Bespoke Infinite Line 1-Door Fridge enables users quick and easy access to refreshing, cold filtered water, anytime. The dishwasher-safe[4], BPA-free[5] AutoFill Water Pitcher automatically fills with filtered water as soon as it is placed in the fridge. It also offers the option to create deliciously flavoured beverages by adding any fruits or herbs in its built-in infuser.[6]

The Dual Auto Ice Maker in the 1-Door Freezer will ensure that users always have plenty of ice by automatically creating Whisky Ball Ice or Cubed Ice.

The AutoFill Water Pitcher adds flavour to water with fruit infusions or even brew cold iced tea in the fridge.

Dual Auto Ice Maker offers the true convenience with 2 types of ice.

Innovatively Designed to Optimise Storage and Freshness

The Bespoke Infinite Line offers flexible storage options that allow users to store different foods under optimal conditions, keeping everything deliciously fresh.

The Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar consists of Triple Temperature Zone with three separate temperature-controlled compartments that create an optimal condition to simultaneously store different types of wine.

The top and bottom climate zones can be set to temperatures ranging from 5–18°C, while the Flex Pantry in the middle can be set between 5–13°C. Its low vibration environment of 1.7mg and sound level of 35dB[7] inside the cellar can reduce chemical reactions, which perfectly preserves each bottle’s taste. Moreover, the humidity control feature can prevent oxidation, which effectively prevents ruining of colours and flavours, corks from cracking, as well as mold and mildew from growing. Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar is designed to create and maintain the ideal temperature and humidity to preserve the wine collection to age properly into the future.

The Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar consists of Triple Temperature Zone

Seamless SmartThings[8] Integration
For homeowners who enjoy a personalised home and a smart lifestyle, the Bespoke Infinite Line comes with several smart features via the SmartThings app that will bring more convenience, comfort, and customisation. SmartThings Home Care wizard keeps tabs on your household devices, send notifications and offers trouble-shooting solutions while SmartThings Energy[9] manages and monitors the current energy consumption to let users enjoy the best of smart savings.

For homeowners who want to take the guesswork out of their wine choices, SmartThings Smart Wine Storage can act as their personal sommelier. Users just need to scan the labels of each wine bottle and key in the required information to manage their wine inventory efficiently.

Lastly, with SmartThings Cooking, it can recommend the perfect food to pair with the wine[1] and monitors their groceries and the expiry dates of the items stored within the cooling units.

Bespoke Infinite Line Availability and Pricing
The new Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite Line is now available on the Samsung Online Store and at selected consumer electronic stores.

Model (Product body) Colour RRP
BESPOKE Infinite Line

1-Door Fridge

Body (RR40B99C5AP/SS)

Panel (RA-R23EAAA1GG)

Timeless Greige $10,000*
BESPOKE Infinite Line Wine Cellar


Triple-Glazed Glass $13,000
BESPOKE Infinite Line

1-Door Freezer

Body (RZ38B98C5AP/SS)

Panel (RA-R23EAAA1GG)

Timeless Greige $10,000*

*Disclaimer – Bespoke Infinite 1-Door Fridge (RR40B99C5AP/SS) / Freezer (RZ38B98C5AP/SS) and Door Panel (RA-R23EAAA1GG) sold separately. Price stated is inclusive of the Door panel.

Bespoke Infinite Line comes with a 20-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor, which is known for its energy efficiency, durability and how quiet it runs.

More details about the Bespoke Infinite Line can be found here and also in the Appendix section (accurate at time of print).

[1] Based on internal testing

[2] Auto Open Door’s hinge is placed on the right side of the fridge and wine models and on the left side of the freezer.

[3] Door automatically opens to about 50 mm. If you do not open the door further, it will close automatically after 2 seconds.

[4] Tested for 125 cycles in accordance with the “Mechanical dishwashing resistance of utensils” test method (BS EN 12875-1:2005) and certified as dishwasher safe by SGS.

[5] Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are often used in food and beverage containers, and has been linked with possible adverse health effects.

[6] To produce flavoured water the Infuser should be filled with your preferred fruits or herbs before using it.

[7] Based on internal testing in accordance with internal vibration test measures and the international noise test standard (IEC 60704). Test conditions: outside temperature = 25°C, humidity = 50%, temperature = factory setting.

[8] Requires installation of SmartThings App on compatible Android or iOS device, with Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device. A Wi-Fi® connection and a Samsung account are required.

[9] SmartThings Energy currently works with around 40 Samsung home appliances that are SmartThings enabled. These include refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washers, air conditioners, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, ovens, hoods, cooktops, microwave ovens, TVs (from June 2022) and energy meters.


Product name1-Door FridgeWine Cellar1-Door Freezer
Net Dimensions (W x H x D) mm595 x 1855 x 688595 x 1855 x 688595 x 1855 x 688
Net Weight (kg)118kg146kg125kg
Capacity380L101 bottles314L
ExteriorDisplay TypeBacklighting TouchBacklighting TouchBacklighting Touch
Interior LED LightTunnel LightingTunnel LightingTunnel Lighting
Panel DesignTimeless GreigeTimeless Greige
EnergyEnergy Rating / Ticks3 Ticks
Energy Consumption/year230 kWh/year
DoorDoor Open TypeAuto Open Door (Right)Auto Open Door (Right)Auto Open Door (Left)
Door Open Degree115°115°115°
Door HandleRecessRecessRecess
InteriorsMetal Interior Wall
Duct & DoorBlack Metal DuctBlack Metal DuctBlack Metal Duct
Cooling TypeMetal CoolingMetal CoolingMetal Cooling
Noise Level (dB)373537
Wi-Fi Embedded
SmartThings App Support
Water SolutionAutoFill Water Pitcher
Ice SolutionDual Auto Ice Maker

      Deodoriser TypeUV Deodorising FilterUV Deodorising Filter

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