Hit-and-Run Driver Apprehended After Fatal Accident in Vientiane Capital

A CCTV camera captured the collision that caused the death of an 8-year-old child.

On Wednesday, a driver struck an 8-year-old child and a 41-year-old man on a motorcycle in Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital, and escaped the scene immediately.

The child died at the scene, and the white sedan electric car driver fled without stopping to assess the situation. The man riding the bike survived the accident with minor injuries.

However, concerned citizens who witnessed the harrowing incident followed the sedan driver and alerted the authorities, leading to the arrest of 43-year-old Phun Sam, a resident of Chanthabouly District.

The suspect is reported to have traveled from Xaythany District to Chanthabouly District before the collision with the motorcycle at 12:54 p.m.

Police in Vientiane are investigating the incident and collecting more information on how the accident happened. According to the President’s Decree of 2017 on Article 146, individuals who flee the scene of an accident or attempt to do so, face imprisonment for one to three years and a fine of up to LAK 10,000,000 (USD 588).

The tragic incident highlights the importance of responsible driving and stopping to assess the situation in case of accidents. It also demonstrates the critical role of citizens in reporting and detaining suspects who flee the scene of accidents.