Woman Decapitated in Gruesome Vientiane Hit and Run

Hit and Run in Vientiane Capital Sees Woman Decapitated
Motorbike that was totaled (left), and pickup truck that caused the offence (right).

A woman was decapitated in a gruesome hit-and-run accident Thursday evening in Vientiane’s Sikhottabong District after a pickup truck hit her bike head-on.

The victim was driving a motorbike when a pickup truck smashed into her, resulting in her immediate death due to decapitation.

Upon arriving at the scene, personnel from 1623 Volunteer Emergency Services discovered the victim’s head severed from her body, with left leg and right arm broken.

The deceased was identified as Ms. Keo Chantho, a resident of Nongtaeng Village in the Sikhottabong District of Vientiane Capital.

The driver of the pickup truck fled the scene, leaving the vehicle abandoned near the site of the accident. Investigators suspect that the offender may have left on foot.

As of now, authorities are still investigating the incident to identify and locate the offender.