Vientiane Capital Announces Eight Regulations for Lao New Year 2023

Vientiane Capital Announce Eight Regulations for Lao New Year
Residents splashing water at one another, celebrating the Lao New Year (photo: asean-china-center)

Authorities in Vientiane Capital have issued eight rules for residents to follow during the Lao New Year period.

A notice issued by the Vientiane Capital Police Command, under the Ministry of Public Security, outlines eight regulations on how residents should behave during the Lao New Year festivities.

The rules stipulate how people should celebrate the new year on the roads, in their homes, and in public places.

The Eight Rules are as follows:

  1. Do not sell or purchase any objects that produce loud noises of any type and do not light any type of firework or firecracker. Do not use any explosives, chemicals, or radioactive items.
  2.  Do not use containers such as water tanks, or water basins, or use water hoses to douse others who are using the roads. Do not hold dance parties on roads or pavements.
  3. Do not use or throw unsanitary water, colored water, irritating or toxic water, water balloons, or ice. Do not wear indecent clothing or behave in a sexually explicit or obscene manner.
  4. Do not celebrate at the Mekong River bank without permission or in areas near the river without a police officer present.
  5. Do not use vehicles to parade or block the road, do not ride motorbikes or drive vehicles in groups or convoys, and do not drive while intoxicated.
  6. Do not play music at a loud volume at homes, places of business, or public areas. The music volume must not exceed 80 db from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  7. Passengers should not sit on the edges of the tray of a pickup truck while the vehicle is moving. Cargo trucks and buses must not overload cargo or passengers. Drivers of all types of vehicles must obey traffic signs.
  8. Do not douse police officers who are on duty, maintaining order along roads, or anywhere else.


The Traffic Police Department also issued a separate notice regarding traffic regulations that must be followed during the Lao New Year period in a bid to maintain safety and reduce accidents.