Laos To Experience Thunderstorms, Rain This Week

Laos To Experience Thunderstorms, Rain In The Coming Week
Heavy rainfall in Laos with kids on bicycle. ( Photo : The Star )

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology has put out a weather forecast for 21-27 April, with predictions for thunderstorms and rainfall.

Northern Laos is set to experience high temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius through this week, although thunderstorms and rain is expected in Luang Prabang. 

Other provinces in the north such as Oudomxay will have consistent temperatures throughout the week, ranging from 18 degrees Celsius in the early mornings to 32-37 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

For the north, the lowest temperature will be 16 degrees Celsius in Luang Namtha on 27 April, with rain showers expected in the province from 23-27 April.

Vientiane Capital will continue to endure the scorching heat for the next two days, with heavy rain and thunderstorms predicted on 23-26 April. Temperatures will remain around the high 30s in the afternoons and drop to 26 degrees Celsius in the evening and late at night. The weather forecast informs that the city is likely to see scattered rainfall throughout the week. 

Southern provinces such as Savannakhet and Attapeu are set to have the same weather spikes as the central provinces, with temperatures hovering from the high 20s in the evening to the high 30s in the afternoon.

Nearly all provinces across Laos will experience heavy rainfall and thunderstorms from 23-26 April, and the sky is expected to be cloudy on most days.

Temperatures in Laos have been reaching record highs lately, although experts say it is expected as temperatures rise before the incoming monsoon season.