Thai Workers Protest in Demand of Higher Wages

Thai Workers Protest in Demand of Higher Wages
Thai workers during a protest.

Labor and Human rights advocates in Thailand gathered in front of the Government House earlier this week to protest for an increase in the minimum daily wages to THB 700 (USD 20.48) and to set up a fund to support laid-off workers.

In an effort to push their proposals to the government, political activists Somyot Prueksakasemsuk and Thanaporn Wichian, marched to the Phitsanulok Mansion and Government House on Monday.

The activists hope for the approval of the proposal, as they say, it will help workers to cover their daily living costs and also protect their rights as employees. 

The Labor Congress of Thailand (LCT) also marched in protest of increasing the minimum wage on the same day and emphasized the promise the government made in 2019 when they said that the minimum wage of THB 354 (USD 9.21) would be increased to THB 425 (USD 12.43).

In the previous election campaign, similar promises were made by several parties. The ruling party Palang Pracharath Party said it would raise the daily minimum wage to between THB 400 (USD 11.70) and THB 425 (USD 12.43), which has not yet been fulfilled. Additionally, the Pheu Thai Party had also promised voters it would increase the daily minimum wage to THB 400 (USD 11.70) per day.

Laos has also increased the country’s monthly minimum wage from LAK 1,200,000 to LAK 1,300,000, which will be effective this month onward.