Lao Police Collect Over LAK 1 Billion Revenue from Egg and Fish Sales

Lao Police Collect Over 1 Billion KIP from Egg and Fish Sales
The Annual Conclusion Meeting of the Lao Public Security Department of Political Affairs.

The Police Department of Political Affairs managed to generate more than LAK 1 Billion in revenue from sales of eggs and fish from two farms in 2022.

The police department stated in the Annual Conclusion Meeting for 2022 that the two farms located in KM 67 and KM 62 which housed chickens in one, and fish in the other, were the two main factors in garnering the revenue.

The first farm located in KM 67 had two chicken stations. The first one had 1,000 chickens released into it, with 857 chickens left after one year. The first station produced 310,307 eggs that were sold for a total of LAK 383,550,000 (USD 22,020).

The second chicken station had 4,660 chickens released into it, with 4,505 remaining after the first year. The second station produced 329,878 eggs that sold for a total of LAK 720,764,000.

The other farm mainly cultivated fish, with 543 kilograms of products sold throughout the year, collecting a revenue of LAK 33,737,000 (USD 1,936).

Lao Security News reported that Lieutenant Colonel Phonexay Latsamee, Director of the Production Department, said this agricultural project has been very successful, and plans to continue it in the future. The department plans to strengthen further its ability to produce these products and hopes to share the fruits of its labor with the whole Police Department of Political Affairs.