Lao Govt Continues School Lunch Program for Underprivileged Kids

Lao Government Continues School Lunch Program To Underprivileged Kids
A group of students in Laos. (Photo : SKLinc)

The World Food Program, in cooperation with the provincial government of Phongsaly will continue their school lunch delivery project, aimed to help provide lunch for underprivileged students in the province.

With a budget of LAK 800 per day per child, the program aims to provide daily lunches to students in 49 schools in the province. The meals will be delivered on a daily basis to 2 kindergartens and 47 primary schools across the district.

The government has also urged the public to play a role by contributing to the program, in a financial capacity or by donating resources like food products that could be used for cooking and providing nutritious meals to students. Local authorities hope that with the assistance of the public, the program will become more sustainable.

The Director of the office of Sports and Education in Phongsaly, Saochanh Lodsuly, spoke about this program saying that through the funding from the WFP, the program is able to service schools across Phongsaly district.

“As of now, the WFP has handed over responsibility to the provincial administration, which has allocated KIP 800 per child per meal per day. We’ve also reached out to the parents of the children to solicit their participation in the program,” she continued.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the school lunch program, the government has requested that parents in urban areas contribute between LAK 10,000 and LAK 15,000 per day, while parents in rural areas contribute between LAK 1,000 and LAK 5,000 per day.

The government hopes that this program will help contribute to the nutritional well-being of the children, as well as motivate them to come to school on a regular basis.