Health Officials Raise Alarm as Dengue Fever Cases Soar in Laos

Health Officials Raise Alarm as Dengue Fever Cases Soar in Laos
A mosquito sucking off blood from a man's arm (photo: Freepik)

Health authorities have warned residents to urged precautions after Laos recorded over 2,000 cases of dengue fever until Tuesday.

According to the report from the Vientiane Health Department, Laos recorded a total of 1,933 dengue fever cases last week, with Khammouane reporting the highest number of cases at 340, followed by Oudomxay at 306, and Vientiane Capital at 234.

The report said that prominent symptoms of dengue include a high fever for 2-3 days, headache, pain in the eyes, muscle pain, joint pain, vomiting, rash, redness on the skin, and bleeding on the mucous membrane. If it is a severe case, dengue could cause shock symptoms as well.

Health authorities have asked residents to be careful, especially during rainy seasons, which is from May to mid-October, when dengue-spreading mosquitoes grow in number due to stagnant water accumulation in our surroundings.

Hence, people were advised to keep both the interior and outdoors of their house neat and clean, and tidy up unused pots, cans, and old car tires after it rains so that the water does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially if there are trees or a garden around.

The latest dengue report from the Center of Information and Education for Health on Tuesday indicated that the total number of dengue fever-infected people in Laos currently stand at 2,181.