Thai Kickboxer Reprimanded for Displaying Effeminate Actions at SEA Games

Thai Kickboxer Forbid To Show Effeminate Actions After Winning at SEA Games
Thai Kickboxer Jimmy Pikanet Sukyik. ( Photo : Thairath )

Thai Kickboxer, Jimmy Pikanet Sukyik, was warned by the Asia Kickboxing Association (AKA) for displaying supposedly feminine behavior following his victory at the 32nd SEA Games in Phnom Penh.

Following his win against Vietnam in Kun Khmer, Jimmy pivoted into a smooth twirl, and dropped into a courtesy for his supporters. He then walked to the edge of the stage, and jumped off from the fighting ring to hug his coach.

The “dance” went viral on social media, with netizens praising Jimmy for expressing himself and representing the LGTBQ+ community, but the Asia Kickboxing Association (AKA) deemed it as otherwise.

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Shortly after his match, the association reached out to the Kickboxing Association of Thailand (KAT) to inform Jimmy that his actions were an insult to the opponent and the sport, and that he should conduct himself better.

Upon hearing the news, Jimmy said, “I was afraid if I would still be able to compete. Or even if I enter the competition, will I be able to score points?

“Members of KAT traveled to Cambodia the next morning, because I was to compete in the semifinals in the afternoon of that day. They informed the federation that I had no intention of disrespecting anyone, I was just being myself. After the match, I still went to pay my respects and hug the competitor,” he added. 

Soon after, the KAT informed the SEA Games authorities that if Jimmy couldn’t compete, no Thai athlete would. The AKA then allowed Jimmy to continue his SEA Games journey, but he was forced to sign a contract stating that he would not behave in a similar manner again. Jimmy went on to win the bronze medal.

The Kickboxing Association of Thailand later addressed the media, saying that they are not affected by the unnecessary controversy surrounding Jimmy, and that they are fully focused on the next major sporting event, the ASEAN Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Jimmy will also be joining the competition which will be held at the end of the year, where he will be competing in Tatami kickboxing in the 69 kg weight category.