Dedicated to Preserving Laos’ Culture: Murals Unveiled at American Center in Laos

Dedicated to Preserving Laos' Culture: Murals Unveiled at US Embassy in Laos
US Ambassador to Laos, Peter Haymond, and the main 3 panel mural. ( Photo : US Embassy in Laos )

The US Embassy in Laos proudly revealed six captivating murals created by talented Lao artists on 24 May. These extraordinary artworks were brought to life as part of the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation.

For over two decades, the United States has actively contributed to the preservation of Laos’ rich cultural heritage. Through a series of diverse projects spanning various provinces, the US has consistently supported the conservation of Laotian culture.

Among these remarkable initiatives was the inaugural AFCP project in Laos, centered around the restoration and preservation of Houaphanh’s standing stones.

The latest endeavor for the AFCP Project is the documentation and preservation of wall paintings in three temples located in Savannakhet. As of now, the US has provided funding exceeding USD 1.3 million for numerous projects across the country.

Mural of the three temples located in Savannakhet. (Photo : US Embassy in Vientiane)

During the unveiling ceremony, US Ambassador to Laos, Peter Haymond, delivered a speech emphasizing his desire to enable future generations from Laos and around the world to admire the exquisite beauty of Laotian arts and traditions.

The ambassador expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, the provincial departments of Information, Culture, and Tourism, as well as the relevant World Heritage Offices for their unwavering support throughout the years.

Furthermore, special recognition was given to the Lao artists and art students who made invaluable contributions to the project. Among them were Alex and other members of the “arts 2 win” emerging artist collective, the professors and students of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Sai Phonephaseuth, who traveled from Luang Prabang to showcase the art of Luang Prabang temple stencil work, and artists from the Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Arts and Literature.

Their collective efforts have resulted in truly impressive, beautiful and memorable murals that don the walls of the American Center in Vientiane and also highlight various conservation efforts.