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Every Purchase Makes a Difference: OTHERISM Pledges S$1 to NSCHF with Each Transaction

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 19 June 2023 – Taking a groundbreaking step in the skincare industry, OTHERISM Singapore is not only crafting affordable, high-quality skincare solutions but also making a significant impact on community well-being. Every product purchased from their range of innovative skincare products not only promises transformative beauty effects but also contributes S$1 to the National Skin Centre Health Fund (NSCHF). This initiative is a bold reflection of the brand’s philosophy of ‘otherism’ – a commitment to prioritise the welfare and rights of others while providing affordable skincare solutions to the masses.


The brand’s much-anticipated product, Potent Lightening Lotion, embodies this philosophy. This groundbreaking solution offers users a chance to achieve an even-toned and radiant complexion while simultaneously supporting a cause that matters. By purchasing this uniquely crafted lotion, customers can bid farewell to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, all while making a meaningful contribution to the broader community.

Saving Your Skin and the World, One Product at a Time

Aligning with their commitment to ‘otherism’, OTHERISM has taken a definitive stand, prioritising the welfare of the community. With every purchase, S$1 will be contributed to the National Skin Centre Health Fund (NSCHF), directly supporting medical research, service improvement, and offering financial assistance to patients in need.

“As a brand, we’re driven by more than just offering superior skincare. We take pride in enabling well-being, through both our innovative beauty products and our contributions to the NSCHF,” stated the Founder of OTHERISM. “Our customers are participants in this endeavour – each purchase amplifies their beauty while extending support to those in need. This dual-purpose approach captures the essence of ‘otherism’.”

Sustainability is also a key focus for OTHERISM, as they adopt a made-to-order approach to minimise packaging waste. Recently, the World Wide Fund for Nature reported that the production and incineration of plastic waste will generate over 850 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere.[1] By producing products only when orders are placed, OTHERISM significantly reduces their environmental footprint. Moreover, they actively strive to introduce refill options and travel-friendly packaging, providing convenience without compromising their eco-conscious values.

Through unwavering commitment and clear action, OTHERISM reinforces its unique position in the skincare industry. The brand’s initiative is a testimony to their ethos: interweaving beauty, wellness, and social responsibility.

Leading the Charge in Accessible Beauty

OTHERISM’s commitment to the community extends far past accessible beauty. They are driven by a strong belief in paying it forward and making a positive impact. By choosing OTHERISM, individuals not only achieve flawless skin but also support a brand that places emphasis on affordability, sustainability, and community well-being. It’s more than skincare; it’s an experience that uplifts others.

At the core of their skincare revolution lies Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), an extraordinary ingredient that earned the prestigious Nobel Prize in the Physiology or Medicine category in 1986. Once exclusively available in high-end clinics, EGF is now within reach to all through OTHERISM’s meticulously formulated anti-ageing serum. With its remarkable ability to boost collagen production, EGF takes skin rejuvenation to unprecedented heights. Furthermore, their product blends are carefully crafted to cater to diverse skin types, ensuring optimal results for each individual.

With OTHERISM’s No-Pain Retinol, individuals can now experience the transformative effects of high-strength retinol without enduring the discomfort of a burning sensation on their delicate skin. This potent retinol cream has been meticulously developed to protect the skin from the notorious side effects commonly associated with retinol usage. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to turn back the clock without the painful waiting game and for those struggling with persistent acne. With two high-percentage options available – 0.5% and 1% – OTHERISM ensures that individuals have the flexibility to customise their skincare routine and take control of their skin’s ageing process with confidence.

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OTHERISM extends beyond being just a skincare brand; they are a catalyst for empowering individuals to embrace their skin and contribute to a better world. Their unwavering commitment to promoting early skincare habits ensures that everyone can achieve healthy skin – from teenagers wrestling acne to busy adults seeking a simple routine.

As a laboratory brand company, OTHERISM believes in the transformative power of beauty and wellness past the confines of a bathroom mirror. Their vision extends to making a positive impact on lives. By choosing OTHERISM, individuals can indulge in flawless skin while supporting sustainability and community well-being. It’s an opportunity to experience skincare that transcends boundaries and enhances the journey towards a healthier, more radiant self.

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