Police Arrest Lao Man for Murder of Vietnamese Woman

Police Arrest Lao Man for the Death of Vietnamese Woman
Police detained Khamxay to testify.

Police in Hatsaifong District have apprehended a Lao man who was suspected of killing a Vietnamese woman in Vientiane Capital.

Lao Security News reports that local police have arrested a Hatsaifong District resident named Khamxay on suspicion of murdering Nguyen Thi Thanh, a Vietnamese woman who owned a scrap shop. The incident took place earlier this month.

Police discovered and identified the woman as Nguyen Thi Thanh and collected evidence from her wounded body, which would help identify her killer. Lieutenant Colonel Bounmy Kitiyavong, Deputy Head of Police in Hatsaifong District, said that the suspect intended to sell some metal scraps to a Vietnamese woman, but she refused to purchase them as the shop was closed.

According to Lt. Bounmy, the accused had stolen metal parts from various locations and was eager to sell them quickly. An argument erupted between the suspect and the victim when she refused to buy the scraps. In a fit of rage, the suspect repeatedly stabbed her in the head and face.

The victim sustained severe injuries and was subsequently transported to a hospital in Vientiane Capital, where she passed away.

Police interrogated Khamxay on Wednesday, obtaining a confession that will serve as crucial evidence in the upcoming trial for his conviction.