How to Deal With Illegally Parked Cars Blocking Your Entrance

Parked car obstructing entranceway

With the number of registered vehicles growing daily, Vientiane residents are increasingly at each other’s throats over limited parking availability.

As a result, illegally parked vehicles frequently obstruct entrances to businesses and private residences, causing frustration among residents. But if you can remain calm, there are steps you can take to address this problem effectively, ensuring unimpeded access to your property while promoting a respectful parking culture.

Step 1: Know the Law: Familiarize yourself with the Law on Road Traffic in Laos, which is available via the Lao Gazette. According to this legislation, parking in areas marked with no-parking signs or where otherwise prohibited can result in fines ranging from LAK 50,000 for motorbikes to LAK 150,000 for sedans, jeeps, or vans. Understanding the legal framework empowers you to take appropriate action.

Step 2: Engage in Constructive Communication: If a vehicle is obstructing your entrance, approach the driver in a calm and polite manner. Politely request that they relocate their vehicle, explaining the inconvenience caused. Many drivers may not be aware of the impact of their actions and might comply when informed. Effective communication can often lead to a prompt resolution.

Step 3: Seek Assistance from Authorities: When direct communication fails or the issue persists, it’s time to involve the authorities. Visit your nearest traffic police booth and provide them with details such as the license plate number and location of the offending vehicle. The traffic police possess the necessary authority to enforce parking regulations and issue fines to violators.

Additionally, consider approaching the village authorities in your area. The village chief and the village militia have jurisdiction and can intervene if necessary. Lodge a complaint with them, providing specific information about the incident and the obstructing vehicle. By involving the authorities, you ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Step 4: Take Preventive Measures: Prevention is key to avoiding future obstructions. Invest in orange traffic cones and place them strategically outside your property. These cones act as a visual deterrent, discouraging unauthorized parking. By clearly marking the boundaries of your entrance, you send a strong message that obstructing your property is unacceptable.

Step 5: Collaborate with the Community: Engage with fellow residents and business owners to create awareness and try to foster a responsible parking culture. By working together, you can amplify your voice and encourage positive change.

Parking obstructions in Vientiane can be frustrating, but by taking proactive measures and leveraging existing regulations, you can tackle this issue effectively. Remember to familiarize yourself with parking laws, engage in constructive communication, involve the authorities when necessary, and take preventive measures to safeguard your property.

Together, we can overcome parking challenges and foster a more harmonious urban landscape.