Xieng Khouang Authorities Arrest 40 People For Illegally Mining Natural Minerals

Xieng Khouang Provincial Authorities are interrogating 40 suspects for unlawfully mining (Photo: the Xieng Khouang Security News)

Xieng Khouang provincial authorities apprehended 40 locals for illegally mining natural minerals earlier this month.

After patrolling the Phu Hae area in Paek district, authorities detained 40 locals, including 15 women, who were found in possession of 36 bags of minerals and mining equipment, according to the Xieng Khouang Security News.

One group of detained suspects admitted their guilt, while another claimed that they were innocent and they were in the area for personal work.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Phimmasone, Head of the Environmental Police Department of Xieng Khouang province, authorities are still investigating the incident and those found guilty will be penalized according to the law.

The local police also seized 47 motorcycles, which will be held until the owners submit the necessary documents to prove that they own these vehicles.

The authorities have also urged senior members of the society to counsel their children to not engage in illegal mining activities as those found guilty will face serious legal consequences.