Laos’ Deputy Minister of Health Calls for Improved Healthcare Services

The new Mother and Newborn Hospital in Vientiane Capital is a new benchmark in the healthcare service of Laos. (Photo: THE SWISS LAOS HOSPITAL PROJECT)

The Lao Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Phayvanh Keopaseuth, called on healthcare professionals and administrators in the country earlier this month, to improve the quality and access to their services.

On the occasion of the 58th Lao Medics Day, Dr. Phayvanh spoke to the media, saying that although there has been advancement in the field of healthcare in recent years, there is still room for more improvements.

He added that medical professionals need to expand their expertise and take greater accountability to enhance the standard of public healthcare, and make its quality in line with that of private hospitals in Laos and neighboring nations, according to Vientiane Times

Dr. Phayvanh also highlighted the significant advancements made by nurses in the healthcare industry and how traditional plant-based medicine can play a crucial role in healthcare when combined with modern treatment methods.

He said that the Ministry of Health has also taken steps to enhance healthcare access for mothers and children, expand the health insurance fund to cover more communities, provide more medical staff training, and improve administration.

Hence, medical professionals need to show sincere care towards their patients, to display greater commitment in their profession, particularly in the field of primary healthcare, he added.

Dr. Phayvanh urged hospital administrators to increase awareness among their staff regarding the importance of providing quality healthcare services to improve patients’ confidence in the country’s healthcare system.

In response to growing demands for better healthcare services, the ministry has announced plans to boost the capacity of medical staff and upgrade equipment as part of a broader initiative to improve healthcare facilities and enhance the quality of treatment through technical innovations.

Lao Medics Day, first held on 18 June 1965, is celebrated to highlight the importance of investing in skills of medical personnel in the country as competent healthcare providers.

A report released to mark Lao Medics Day emphasized the importance of recognizing and respecting the fundamental rights of both patients and healthcare workers, highlighted the crucial role played by government health officials in improving healthcare services, and urged them to continue building on their efforts.