Laos Vows to Expand Nationwide Mobile Phone Coverage by 2025

A woman takes a photo of a person in a temple in Laos. (Photo: Teng).

Lao Ministry of Science and Technology has pledged to increase mobile phone coverage in the country, especially in rural areas by 2025. 

Mr. Boviengkham Vongdara, Minister of Science and Technology, reported at the National Assembly that some rural regions of Laos continue to not have mobile network connectivity due to the lack of interest from telecom investors.

The ministry has urged the government to establish a telecommunications fund by collecting revenue from companies that provide telecommunications-related services so that the fund could be used to build mobile phone networks in remote areas.
According to Minister Boviengkham, the ministry will implement policies that permit telecom companies to invest in specific areas to prevent issues of market competition.
Members of the National Assembly also posed questions to the government of Laos, including the minister at the National Assembly, regarding the execution of this matter.
According to recent research, Laos has around 6.45 million mobile phone connections, which covers 85% of the country’s population. Roughly 87% of these mobile connections are broadband (3G – 5G).