Severe Flooding Engulfs Savannakhet, Rescue Operations Underway  

Flooding in Savanakhet.

Savannakhet is currently facing a catastrophic flooding situation as heavy monsoon rains wreak havoc across the province leaving communities stranded and in desperate need of rescue and relief efforts.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology issued a warning regarding water levels across the country on Tuesday, particularly around the Xe Champhone River in the province which has almost reached a dangerous level of 8.00 meters. 

The two districts of Atsapangthong and Phalanxai were the most affected, with flash floods damaging homes and agricultural lands due to torrential rainfall in the region that started earlier this week. 

According to information provided by the Information, Culture, and Tourism Office in Atsapangthong District, the flood has swept through about 19 villages and more than 2,100 heaters of land in the district. 

Mr. Bounthan Sengdala, Mayor of Atsapangthong District, confirmed to the Laotian Times over a phone call that residents in his district have moved their belongings from flood-damaged areas, and the military personnel are preparing for emergency response. 

As the downpour continues, a number of villages near the Xe Xangxoy River in Phalanxai, including Bueng Tale, Naphosomboun, and Phalanxai Tai, are still experiencing severe levels of flooding

Authorities in the two districts have not yet reported on the total damages or fatalities inflicted by the calamity, but residents have been warned to remain vigilant for further evacuation orders. 

In August 2022, Savanakhet was among 12 provinces in Laos to severely suffer from flooding during the monsoons with over 63 houses in nine villages in Thapangthong District and necessary infrastructure incurring significant damages.