Slowly Moving Forward, Laos Ranks 140th in Global Broadband Internet Speed

Slowly Moving Forward, Laos Ranks 140th in Global Broadband Internet Speed
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Laos has ranked 140th in the world for internet speed according to a study conducted this year by researchers who analyzed broadband speeds across 220 countries.

The measurements lab, with teams based at code for science & society, google inc, and others, led the comprehensive study of broadband speed across 220 countries, with the data later analyzed by Cable.Co.Uk.

Laos ranks 7th in the ASEAN broadband speed league, beating out Cambodia, Indonesia, and Myanmar, respectively.

Laos average mean download speed is 17.64 megabytes per second, with the average time to download a 5 GB movie being 38 minutes and 42 seconds. However, on the global scale, Laos only ranks 140th.

Singapore topped ASEAN’s charts, however, with a mean download speed of 101.75 Mbps. This speed is equivalent to downloading a 4k resolution 1-hour movie in just over seven minutes.

Indonesia, a country that tops the ASEAN GDP rankings for 2023, according to the international monetary fund, ranks second to last in the ASEAN league for broadband speed.

According to the data by Cable.Co.Uk, the country only has a download speed of 14.30 Mbps, with an average download time of a 5 Gigabyte (GB) movie taking over 47 minutes.

This can be attributed to various factors, including inadequate infrastructure and a lack of investment.

In all of Asia, only six countries rank among the top 50 fastest broadband speeds, with Europe leading the way with 30 positions. Macau (231.40 Mbps) and Taiwan (153.51 Mbps) are the only two locations to make it into the top ten fastest in the world outside of western Europe.