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“JD-Just Dating” App’s Online Dating Survey in Hong Kong Reveals: 70% Have Met Online

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Women More Proactive Than Men in Seeking Romance, Preferring “Mature Men”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 August 2023 – The advancement of smartphones has indeed created a world where anything is possible. Modern people constantly check their phones, and with just a swipe on dating apps, singles can meet new friends or even find their ideal partners.

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A recent statistical survey conducted by the popular dating app “JD-Just Dating” has unveiled several interesting online dating phenomena in Hong Kong. 78% of singles aged 25 to 45 have met their online dates in person, with 1 out of every 6 of them having intimate relationships with online friends for the first time. Moreover, women in Hong Kong invite somebody on a date 1.22 times more than men.

Further analysis reveals that over half of Hong Kong males seek partners who are “easy to talk to” and of a similar age, whereas women prefer “Mature Men,” even finding men with a slight belly more attractive and protective. It is worth noting that 60% of women with this preference are primarily young ladies aged between 22 and 28.

78% of Hong Kong People Have Met Online Dates; 1 out of 6 Experience Intimate Relationships on First Meeting

When it comes to dating needs, men and women have different preferences. According to a survey conducted by an online dating app “JD” from 25th June to 20th July 2023, which analyses data from 1,500 Hong Kong users aged between 20 and 45, 78% have met their online dates, and on average, 1 in 6 have had intimate contact with someone they met online for the first time.

Hong Kong Women Invite Someone on a Date 1.22 Times More Than Men

Interestingly, data analysis from “JD” app’s “Dating Invitation” feature reports that women initiate dating invitations 1.22 times more than men, with an average of 11 invitations sent by each woman daily, showing that females in the user group are more proactive than males. While women mostly invite for “romantic candlelit dinners,” men often suggest “car rides,” each expressing different romantic notions.

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Desirable Qualities in a Partner: Hong Kong Women Prefer Men with Slight Belly Over Muscles
What qualities should one possess to be popular in online dating? Analysis by “JD” discovered that over half of Hong Kong men seek partners who are “easy to talk to” and of similar age, with physical appearance only as a secondary factor. However, 30% of men admit to seeking “long-legged women.”

In contrast, 62% of Hong Kong women prefer “Mature Men,” wanting partners 7 to 12 years older. Surprisingly, most women find men with a slight belly more attractive than those with six-pack abs. Young women aged between 22 and 28 especially perceive such men as more appealing, who provide a better sense of security.
“JD-JustDating” is a casual dating app, offering hassle-free dating services that allow users to date and meet online friends anywhere, anytime. With unique location and dating features, young men and women can find their matches quickly and accurately. “JD” has members across the USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and various parts of Asia.

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