Wattay International Airport to Open New Buffet Restaurant Offering Lao Cuisine

Wattay International Airport. (Photo: Souksadaphone Vongphila).

The Wattay International Airport in Vientiane Capital will soon see the opening of a new all-you-can-eat restaurant and a host of shops selling Lao artifacts and products.

The restaurant Lao Cuisine Center has announced that, as part of a pilot program, it will start a Lao cuisine buffet restaurant at the airport at the end of September.

Along with local goods which will be displayed at Laos Odop Consignment, the airport’s third floor will also see the opening of international cosmetics and clothing brands outlets like Mistine, Wacoal, and Guy Laroche, and the restaurant Khopchai Shabu Buffet.

According to the people behind the Lao Cuisine Center, the Laos Odop Consignment will benefit local artisans and promote Lao-made handicrafts, as these items will be displayed and sold within the airport.

Lao Cuisine Center is expected to cater food and beverages at Wattay International Airport after the 2006-established West Coast Airport Restaurant closed in 2019.

Vientiane’s Wattay International Airport completed renovating and expanding the international terminal and rebuilding the domestic terminal to cope with the increasing number of air passengers in 2018.