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Friday, July 12, 2024

UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution Tabled by Laos and Other Countries

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Laos, together with Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, and Jamaica, have initiated and tabled a draft resolution entitled “Model United Nations” with the objective of raising awareness and providing practical training on the important role the United Nations has played in addressing global affairs.

Model United Nations includes different simulation exercises, curriculums, and training formulars specifically designed for promoting and engaging young people in multilateral affairs through teaching-learning activities to deepen their understanding of the work of the United Nations, which will help to inspire young people to get involved and for the academia to undertake in-depth studies on the emerging global issues affecting all countries and people around the world.

The resolution on the Model United Nations was overwhelmingly adopted by consensus during the last working session of UNGA77 on 1 September 2023, with 115 co-sponsors.

Leading the negotiation process on a draft resolution in the General Assembly reaffirms Laos’ firm commitment and active role in the work of the United Nations, especially in supporting the youth’s participation in addressing global challenges.

Currently, Laos is serving in the Economic and Social Council for the term 2023-2025 and running a campaign for membership in the Executive Board of UNICEF for the term 2025-2027.

The adoption of this historical resolution by the UN General Assembly is of great significance, particularly after the establishment of the UN Youth Office within the UN Secretariat to promote youth’s participation in the work of the United Nations globally.

The Model UN provides guidelines for students and practitioners to organize and participate in various simulation exercises on a wide range of issues related to the work of the UN, including access to necessary information. For more information, you can visit: https://www.un.org/en/mun

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