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DETERMINANT Debuts New Cotton Waterless Dye Technology Collection

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 11 September 2023 – DETERMINANT — a men’s shirt and apparel brand focused on functional technology, exceptional quality and modern style — proudly unveils its debut Cotton Waterless Dye collection, showcasing a ground breaking innovation that boldly reimagines the textile industry’s reliance on water.

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With a vision to set the foundation for a zero-waste future by taking a holistic approach to creating value for people and the planet, 360BETTER is DETERMINANT’s sustainability strategy. 360BETTER buildsbold new standards that redefine the “conscious clothing” industry, and covers five key topics of focus by 2025:

– Championing water stewardship
– Reducing textile waste
– Rethinking packaging
– Extending the life of our clothing
– Empowering social mobility

Their first focus is water conservation and stewardship. With global water scarcity on the rise, DETERMINANT is taking bold actions to revolutionize the fashion industry’s textile-manufacturing practices through innovation and collaboration with ECOHUES. Till now, 65% of all water used in cotton clothing production goes towards the textile dyeing process. The new cotton waterless dyeing technology offers breakthrough features including:

  • the use of a green, recyclable organic solvent instead of water as the medium for reactive dyeing, completely displacing the huge amounts of water needed to dye and wash off excess color in traditional water-bath dyeing
  • with more than 99% of the green solvents reused and zero hazardous chemical residuals discharged, this technique is safe and environmentally friendly
  • the dye utilization rate of reactive dyeing is typically only 60-70%; whereas ECOHUES’ innovation has a dye utilization rate of 97%
  • a significant reduction of resources: water consumption (reduced by 100%) and energy consumption (reduced by 39.26%) in the fabric dyeing process.

The debut of the new Cotton Waterless Dye collection is marked with the launch of the “Lead The Wave Forward” campaign, focused on prioritizing water-conservation education. This campaign seeks to raise consumer awareness of fashion’s water footprint, and how conscious wardrobe choices can lower environmental impact. DETERMINANT’s proposition is that consumers shouldn’t need to pay a green premium to make green choices. That’s why the Waterless Dye collection offers the same quality, performance, and design, at the same price as regular products.

The “Lead The Wave Forward” campaign supports its Strategic Charity Partner, A Drop of Life, through a donation drive. Affiliated campaign partners include: Central Market, CITA, Lab Concept, Redress, Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, Shan Shui Conservation Center, Slowood, Y.L. Yang Foundation.


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