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China’s Gutian County successfully held the Forum on Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion following its debut on the NASDAQ screen

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Showcased on NASDAQ screen, Gutian County shined a spotlight on the radiant Chinese civilization as the birthplace of the revered Master Yuanying and the largest edible fungi production county in China.

GUTIAN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 26 September 2023 – In a continued effort to promote the integration and development of Chinese and world civilizations, Gutian County is proud to host the Forum on Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion from September 25 to 27.


Set against the scenic backdrop of Cuiping Lake, this event with the “Wisdom Mutual Learning · Harmony and Integration” theme has participants from all corners of the globe. Representatives of governments, Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and prominent monks and scholars studying the Sinicization of Buddhism from around the world, and enthusiasts of Yuanying culture, gathered in Gutian to actively engage in cultural exchanges and enhance mutual learning among civilizations.

Master Yuan Ying is a patriotic monk and Buddhist leader in modern China. He always adheres to the spirit of ” compassion, fearlessness, and selflessness” and has made many contributions to the development of Buddhist culture around the world. As the birthplace of Master Yuanying, Gutian relies on the forum activities of Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion to fully inherit and promote Yuanying culture. While polishing the cultural card of “Patriotic Monk Yuanying’s Hometown”, it promotes Buddhist cultural exchange and enhances mutual learning among world civilizations.

Having recently showcased its cultural and historical gems on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York, Gutian County continues to receive international attention. The promotional video displayed in Times Square before the beginning of the forum not only celebrated Gutian’s legacy as the “capital of edible fungi in China” and the “hometown of Hydropower” but also highlighted its deep-rooted cultural significance.

The video encapsulated the spirit and essence of Gutian County, shining a spotlight on the radiant Chinese civilization. As Gutian intertwined its majestic landscapes with its rich history, it stood as a testament to the deep-seated culture, ultimately allowing the unique charm of Oriental culture to unfurl to the world. With Gutian’s debut on the NASDAQ screen, the brilliance of Chinese civilization took center stage on a global platform. It is regarded as the preface of the forum.

This forum is yet another step forward in sharing its profound wisdom and inviting harmony and integration with the world.

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