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Respond.io Enables India’s Leading Job Platform Apna to Help Recruiters Process 22 Million Candidates

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 2 October 2023 – Apna, a leading talent acquisition platform in India, is improving support conversations through its strategic partnership with respond.io, an innovative customer conversation management software. This collaboration responds to the urgent need in the recruitment industry for an omnichannel messaging solution capable of serving a vast and diverse clientele.

Apna’s Success Story: Transforming Recruitment Through Innovation

Apna simplifies the recruitment process by connecting employers, or the recruiters representing them, with over 22 million job seekers to find the right candidates for their needs.

To facilitate this, Apna provided support over website chat. However, these chats close when users leave the website portal so Apna’s support team can’t update recruiters about their cases. Instead, the company sent automatic case updates via WhatsApp API on a different platform.

This in turn created another challenge. As these WhatsApp messages weren’t reflected or visible on the website chat, agents could not reference them to gain context when handling ongoing issues. This delayed resolutions and dissatisfied recruiters.

To address these challenges, Apna wanted to provide better support by ensuring agents have a complete understanding of each recruiter’s context when they reach out. Apna sought a messaging solution that could integrate seamlessly with its existing software stack and consolidate all its communication channels, including website chat, email and a new WhatsApp support channel as it’s the most popular messaging app in India with almost half a billion users.

Recognizing the evolving demands of the modern customer communication landscape, Apna strategically partnered with respond.io to overhaul its strategy. In addition to supporting popular and custom messaging channels, robust chat automation, flexible integrations and tools such as multichannel chat widgets, the rapid growth of respond.io‘s software evinced its dedication to pioneering solutions for customer conversations that delivered business results.

Respond.io provided a scalable, flexible and reliable chat solution during our hyper-growth stage, allowing us to support thousands of recruiters daily. Its advanced technology facilitates stable and efficient conversations with our team, which enables recruiters to optimize their recruitment processes and inspires confidence in our platform.” — Zoyeb Batliwala, Director of Employer Success at Apna.

Apna’s relationship with respond.io quickly brought transformative benefits. Through respond.io, Apna is able to manage all its support channels on one platform, streamline business processes with automation, retrieve or update information on integrated third-party software easily and enrich conversations with multimedia for efficient problem-solving.

This reduced first response times by over 80% to below 5 minutes and resolutions now take under 30 minutes. Consequently, Apna’s user satisfaction score consistently exceeds 80% as recruiters are able to seamlessly process candidates on the Apna platform.

Apna’s Success Enhances Respond.io‘s Foorprint in the Talent Acquisition Industry

Apna’s results affirm respond.io as the chat solution of choice in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry by addressing its unique challenges.

The sector requires quick and high-quality communication as attracting top talent in fiercely competitive markets depends on delivering exceptional candidate experiences. Statistics show that almost 70% of candidates have applied for jobs on their mobile phones, so it’s natural that recruitment conversations happen on the same device. With that, instant messaging is overtaking email as a preferred communication channel among candidates.

Respond.io‘s capabilities in providing recruiters with comprehensive context and automated chat assistance directly align with this industry demand. Likewise, its customizability and flexible integration capabilities correspond with the need for tailored solutions in the recruitment industry. Companies like Apna and Malaysia-based Pinnacle Contact Center seek a platform that can be adapted to their specific requirements and seamlessly integrate with their existing systems.

“We value candid feedback and real-world use cases from our customers to drive our innovation. Our collaboration with Apna exemplifies this approach. Some of its feature requests echoed similar demands from other users and resulted in the development of powerful features such as the ability to launch automated tasks with a single click while chatting with customers,” says Gerardo Salandra, CEO of respond.io.

As conversational AI transforms business communication worldwide, respond.io dedicates significant resources towards advancing solutions that create more meaningful, efficient and personalized customer interactions in a highly scalable manner. Businesses that handle high volumes of conversations and prioritize customer satisfaction should be among the early adopters of AI-powered chat solutions to maintain a competitive advantage.

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About respond.io

is an AI-powered customer conversation management software that enables teams of all sizes to respond to messages on any channel from one centralized dashboard. Its omnichannel inbox, advanced chat automation, flexible integrations and comprehensive reporting and analytics facilitate efficient business operations and great customer experiences at scale.

The platform is trusted by over 10,000 brands across 86 countries, including British Airways, Toyota, Decathlon, Roche, Klook and Bigo. It processes over 120 million messages per month, surpassing the combined capabilities of its top three competitors while boasting high uptime and remarkable stability.

In 2022, raised $7 million in Series A funding, led by Headline Asia with participation from AltaIR Capital, Smart Partnership Capital, Sterling Oak Group and Calendula Ventures. It achieved the prestigious status of a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) in April 2023. From its headquarters in Malaysia, respond.io continues to innovate and advance the future of customer conversations.

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