Lao Government Unveils Plan to Revamp Road No.13 in Xaythany District


The Lao government has announced a comprehensive plan to address the deteriorating state of Road No. 13 in Vientiane Capital’s Xaythany district, in response to mounting concerns. 

Emergency repairs have already begun, and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport will supervise the upcoming resurfacing project, which aims to address the issue of potholes that have plagued this vital transportation route. 

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has stated that the resurfacing project will focus on the stretch of Road No. 13 between Km21 and Km27 in Vientiane Capital’s Xaythany district. The ministry will oversee the road’s resurfacing, with some emergency repairs already underway to address the extensive damage. 

Asphalt will be used to resurface the road, as has been done with many other sections of Road No. 13 South, which is also plagued with potholes. Various companies are currently submitting bids for the contract, with the winning bid to be selected by the end of this year. 

The resurfacing project is scheduled to begin at the beginning of next year, with the goal of ensuring the entire road is in excellent condition. Local residents have been vocal in their requests for repairs, particularly during the rainy season when the road surface degraded significantly. Some potholes have grown so deep that low-riding vehicles are unable to navigate them safely, while the accumulation of mud and water creates challenging conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. 

In addition to this initiative, a Chinese firm, Lao Kaiyuan Company, is actively engaged in a 10-kilometer section of Road No. 13 South in Khammouane province. An official from the province’s Department of Public Works and Transport, Saisack Sisoulath, who represents the committee overseeing the repairs, provided details of the project.