Lao Woman Wins Lottery in Thailand

Lao Woman Wins Lottery in Thailand
A group photo of Dokkeo, the prize victor along with the staff from Lottery Plus (photo: Tholakhong)

Dokkeo Vongvilay, a 33-year-old Lao national won a lottery in Bangkok, Thailand, conquering the first price of THB 12 million (approximately USD 330,000)

On 16 October, Dokkeo’s life took a fascinating turn overnight when she heard her numbers were the winning combo.

“I was so excited and nervous at the same time that I almost fainted!” Dokkeo told the Laotian Times over the phone in an agitated tone. That was her first time winning anything, she commented.

Dokkeo moved to Bangkok in 2019 to work and send money back to her family in Vientiane Province, Laos.

She purchased two lottery tickets on 14 October and received the surprising results just two days later. Lottery Plus, a Thai lottery firm, promptly delivered a pile of cash to her home shortly after the result announcement.

“I would first pay off my debt,” Dokkeo said. “Second, I’d give some to my family. I’ve already contributed THB 500-2000 per person to some of my friends and the poor.”

In addition to sharing the money with her loved ones, Dokkeo said that she would buy a new home for her children, highlighting that family was her top priority. She would also devote some funds to travel.

“South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, you name it,” Dokkeo listed out her wish list destinations.

The 33-year-old further revealed that ever since the news of her lottery victory spread, her phone has not stopped ringing with notifications, texts, and calls from friends, family, and strangers.

Dokkeo said she will return to Laos on Wednesday to celebrate her victory with her family in Vientiane Prefecture and share part of her prize with them.