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France-Laos Economic Forum Celebrates 70 Years of Diplomatic, Business Ties

This Week

VIENTIANE, LAOS — As the longstanding diplomatic bond between Laos and France nears its 70th milestone, the international business arena sets its sights on a momentous occasion. 

The France-Laos Economic Forum, scheduled from 8 to 10 November in Vientiane and Savannakhet, aims to be an invaluable rendezvous for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors eyeing the burgeoning Laotian market.

This premier event is a brainchild of the Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors in Laos (CCEF). A committee represented by a distinguished cadre of business leaders and executives, the CCEF aims to spotlight the expansive business vistas that Laos offers to forward-thinking French and global enterprises.

This three-day forum is more than just an exploration of Laos’s economic terrain; it comprises of comprehensive market insights, networking opportunities, and strategic business workshops tailored to provide a deep understanding of the Laotian market.

In today’s globalized world, tapping into emerging markets is the linchpin for business success. The France-Laos Economic Forum is that opportunity — it’s not just about understanding the promise of the Laotian market but forging pivotal alliances and laying the foundation for future growth.

As Laos poised for major economic upheavals, this forum offers businesses a chance to carve their success narrative.

Participation Details

Entrepreneurs, business entities, and investors keen on marking their presence at this epoch-making event in France-Laos economic relations can sign up for the France-Laos Economic Forum 2023 through this registration link.

For the latest updates, event snapshots, and interactive content, follow the France-Laos Economic Forum pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

For specific inquiries, reach out at: contact@forumfrancelaos.org 

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