Bridge in Savannakhet Collapses under 42-ton Truck

Houay Thahao Bridge collapsed under a crane truck in Xayaboury District. (Photo/Media Laos)

Local authorities in Xayaboury District, Savannakhet Province, have promptly responded to the collapse of the Houay Thahao Bridge after the crossing of a 42-ton crane truck caused the 82-meter-long structure to crumble.

The bridge, between Sivilay Village and Thako Village along National Highway 11, was designed to withstand only 8 tons, one fifth of the crane truck’s weight.

As the truck was operated by Sanxay Bridge Construction and Repair Company Limited, responsibility for the repairs falls on Sanxay Company, according to the Public Works and Transport Office of Xayboury District, which inspected the site shortly after the incident.

The authorities and the village committee anticipated a three-month repair period, during which the company and police would have to not only address structural concerns but also run a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Alternative routes

Travelers intending to use National Highway 11 to reach Paksebanfai Village are advised to take a detour that includes Route 13 South, turning next to the PTT gas station in Gaenghat Village in Xayaboury District, and continuing towards Nasang Village through an 18-kilometer unpaved road.