Cuban Supreme Court President Strengthens Judicial Ties in Laos

Cuban Supreme Court President Strengthens Judicial Ties in Laos
The president of the Cuban People's Supreme Court, Rubén Remigio Ferro and the Deputy Supreme People's Prosecutor, Xaysana Khotphouthone (photo: Pasaxon)

In a diplomatic mission aimed at bolstering judicial collaboration, the president of the Cuban People’s Supreme Court, Rubén Remigio Ferro, engaged in a robust agenda during his four-day visit to Laos from November 15 to 18.

The focal point of President Ferro’s visit was a bilateral meeting with his Lao counterpart, Viengthong Siphandone, on Thursday. The meeting, which included a courtesy visit to National Assembly President Saysomphone Phomvihane, centered on advancing the implementation of a 2022 memorandum of understanding on bilateral judicial cooperation. During the discussions, both sides provided comprehensive overviews of their duties, locations, and responsibilities.

Continuing his diplomatic efforts, President Ferro paid a visit to the Deputy Supreme People’s Prosecutor, Xaysana Khotphouthone. The meeting not only allowed for the exchange of valuable lessons but also paved the way for future cooperation, further strengthening the relationship between Laos and Cuba.

On Friday, President Ferro is scheduled to depart the Lao capital for Luang Prabang, where he will visit the Provincial and District 1 People’s Courts and explore local points of interest.

The concluding day of President Ferro’s visit, Saturday will see him return to Vientiane Capital to the Food and Drug Research Center at the Ministry of Health, emphasizing potential collaboration in health-related research and initiatives.

President Ferro’s first symbolic act upon arriving in Laos on Wednesday was to lay a wreath at the monument dedicated to the memory of President Kaysone Phomsong.