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Former President’s Centenary Spurs Transformation of Historic Residence

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Champasack Provincial authorities are gearing up to transform the old residence of former President Khamtai Siphandone into a multifaceted tourist destination and educational hub.

Located in Hua Khong Pha Nyai village, within the Hua Khong district of Champasack Province, this historic house is set to undergo a significant metamorphosis.

The impetus for this transformation is the upcoming 100th birthday of former President Khamtai. A milestone that will be commemorated in the coming year, as reported by the state media outlet Pathed Lao.

Born on 8 February 1924, Khamtai served as President of Laos from 1998 to 2006 and Chairman of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party from 1992 to 2006.

In an effort to pay homage to the remarkable life and contributions of President Khamtai Siphandone, Champasack Provincial authorities are crafting a comprehensive plan. The initiative encompasses a diverse array of activities, ranging from commemorating his achievements and publishing biographical materials to conducting interviews with party members and community stakeholders. 

The planned activities include seminar sessions, documentary production, and engaging question-answer competitions delving into the nuances of President Khamtai’s leadership. A visual feast awaits visitors, with exhibitions featuring photographs depicting the various facets of the president’s life and daily activities. Additionally, gatherings and flea markets showcasing local Lao products from Champasak Province will add a vibrant touch to the celebrations.

The authorities are gathering details about the president’s residence, his birthplace, and other relevant aspects. The overarching objective is to preserve these historical landmarks as not only tourist attractions but also as learning centers, fostering a deeper understanding of the nation’s history.

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