Laos Records 458 Road Accidents in October

Laos Records 458 Road Accidents in October
One of the accidents that occurred in October (photo: Laophatthana Newspaper)

Laos witnessed a total of 458 incidents nationwide, resulting in 702 injuries and 53 fatalities in October, according to a report from the Traffic Police Department (TPD).

Vientiane Capital emerged as the province with the highest accident rate, reporting 83 cases and 12 fatalities. Champasack Province followed closely with 64 deaths, and Savannakhet Province recorded 52 fatalities.

Among these incidents, foreigners were involved in 65 cases, contributing to the overall statistics. The aftermath included 828 vehicles with moderate damage.

The primary causes of the accidents were identified as driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, sudden changes in direction, and overtaking. Notably, a significant number of incidents occurred during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.

One of the notable accidents in October saw a pick-up truck crash into the back of a trailer, critically damaging both vehicles in Khammouane Province near the third Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge, resulting in three injuries and one death.

This report also underscores the need for enhanced road safety measures and public awareness campaigns to address the root causes of accidents and reduce the alarming toll on lives and property across the country.