Laos Grants Amnesty to 1,824 Prisoners on Lao National Day

General Vilay Lakhamfong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security (Photo: Vientiane Mai)

The Lao government has granted amnesty to a total of 1,824 prisoners, including 238 females and 16 foreign nationals, as announced by General Vilay Lakhamfong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security.

The move is a gesture aimed at promoting social peace and order on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of Lao National Day. The amnesty extends to both Lao and foreign prisoners who have demonstrated commendable behavior, personal growth, remorse for their actions, and active self-improvement during their time of incarceration. 

Of the total number, 1,602 individuals will receive reduced sentences, and 222 will be granted complete amnesty.

Highlighting the significance of this year’s amnesty initiative, General Vilay emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting positive transformation. The aim is to encourage individuals to reintegrate into society as well as promote peace and justice.

The approval for the amnesty proposal came on November 21 after a thorough evaluation of the legal system. 

In the wake of this announcement, the secretariat of the National Amnesty Committee is actively preparing the necessary documents, which will be sent to ministerial amnesty committees at various levels, ensuring a coordinated and effective implementation of the plan.