Lao Telecom Unveils 5G High-Speed Internet at Lao Digital Week

Lao Telecom Unveils 5G High-Speed Internet at Lao Digital Week
Lao Telecom officially launches the 5G high-speed internet service at Lao Digital Week 2024 (photo: Lao Youth Radio)

Lao Digital Week commenced in Vientiane on January 10, a much-anticipated event set to run until January 14. On the event’s first day, Lao Telecom, a leading telecommunications service provider in the country, officially unveiled the first-ever 5G high-speed internet service in Laos. 

At their booth at Vientiane’s National Convention Center, Lao Telecom is also showcasing cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality (VR), drone-based space exploration, iFarm solutions, cyber security, cloud computing, and M-MoneyX. All these innovations seamlessly operated with the new high-speed internet service.

5G is the latest mobile network generation, surpassing its predecessors with remarkable speed, offering up to 20 Gbps peak data rates and over 100 Mbps average rates. With increased capacity, it supports a 100x surge in traffic, enhancing network efficiency. Notably, 5G boasts lower latency compared to 4G, promising improved overall performance.

While Lao Telecom may have been the first to officially launch 5G, its introduction in the country is not a recent development, as the high-speed internet trials were first conducted by Unitel, another telecom provider, during the 19th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting in Vientiane Capital in 2019. Despite the trials, Unitel has not officially launched its 5G service countrywide.

This week’s program also covers talks on Industry 4.0, the digital economy, smart technology, and various digital technologies. It further features business matching and networking events to encourage collaboration in technology and communications.

The exhibition already saw attendance from several government officials, notably Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone, who previously urged public and private stakeholders to enhance the country’s technological progress. The PM also recently declared 10 January as Lao Digital Day.