Australian Media Names Laos the Top Budget-Friendly Paradise

Australian Media Names Laos the Top Budget-Friendly Paradise
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An Australian media outlet picked Laos as one of the “best places to visit” this year, complimenting the country’s authentically laid-back attitude and low-cost lifestyle.

“I believe Laos is the best country to visit in the world right now!” declared Anthony Bolzonello, a freelance travel journalist who has visited 107 countries and is one of 16 Australians in the Travelers’ Century Club.

Bolzonello regarded Laos as one of the world’s best-value locations, offering numerous experiences without breaking the bank—especially when compared to living in Australia. The benefits include being able to spend roughly USD 20 on a night out and free access to the country’s natural surroundings.

The Australian journalist labeled Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, and Vientiane Capital as “highly walkable” and “budget-friendly refuges” where daily life can cost less than USD 50.

But, according to Bolzonello, Laos has more than just its striking nature and reputation for low-cost living; the country is also recognized for its diverse selection of delicious food. The Australian journalist expressed his passion for Lao traditional food at a family-run restaurant in Vang Vieng, where one can indulge in affordable and sumptuous meals. “Chicken sandwich, 10 succulent skewers, a crisp cucumber salad, a freshly squeezed lemon and mint juice, and a Pepsi, all for USD 12 — a testament to the town’s culinary allure and affordability.”

Bolzonello also praised the Laos-China railway as an affordable solution for travel across the country. As of 5 December 2023, over 100,000 people have traveled between Laos and China using the railway since its launch in late 2021.

With the ongoing Visit Lao Year 2024 campaign, Laos is aiming to draw more than 2.7 million international tourists and generate USD 401 million. The campaign includes 79 events, consisting of 14 national-level and 65 local events.

Bolzonello enthusiastically supports Laos, going beyond the typical travel story. He describes it as a captivating and affordable destination that not only offers beautiful landscapes but also delights the senses and makes exploration easy.