Regional Leaders Propose Seamless Tourism for Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Laos Came Third Most Searched-for Tourist Destination Among Thais in 2022.
Pha Daeng Peak viewpoint in Luang Prabang (Photo: Kapook)

Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong has suggested fostering seamless tourism collaboration among Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, eliminating the need for individual visas for travelers moving between these nations.

The proposal was unveiled during discussions between President Vo and Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin in a sideline meeting at a summit in Tokyo, marking the 50th anniversary of Japan’s collaboration with ASEAN countries. Prime Minister Srettha commended the concept, expressing his intention to direct Thai Tourism Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakitkosol to address the matter and collaborate on boosting tourism across the four nations. 

The collaboration aims not only to enhance international tourism but also to stimulate regional tourism and enhance cooperation among the neighboring nations. This may involve the implementation of a joint visa system or other measures to ease border crossings, facilitating seamless exploration of multiple destinations.

In 2014, ASEAN explored the possibility of introducing a common or single visa to facilitate smoother travel within the region. Despite discussions, the initiative had not materialized fully, and the implementation of an ASEAN Single Visa remained under consideration.

Thailand and Vietnam currently hold the top two positions among international visitors to Laos, with Cambodia ranking prominently among the leading ASEAN countries visiting the nation.

The “Visit Laos Year 2024” campaign aims to attract more tourists in the upcoming year. By planning 79 tourism events across the country, the Lao government expects to draw more than 2.7 million international tourists in 2024, generating USD 401 million.