PBIS Cements Itself as an Education Leader with COBIS Accreditation

Members of PBIS as they receive certificates in honor of their contribution towards the Safer Recruitment Beacon Status. (Photo: Nu)

Latest update on 26 February at 04:25 p.m.

Panyathip British International School, formerly known as Panyathip International School, held a press conference on 22 February to announce its accreditation as a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), a global association of British international schools.

The announcement marks a significant milestone in Panyathip’s 20+ year journey to providing a secure and nurturing environment for its students. Throughout this remarkable trajectory, the school has consistently prioritized the safety and well-being of its pupils, a commitment that takes center stage in its ongoing development.

“I am honored to announce that today marks a historic moment for Panyathip British International School as we achieved the prestigious badge of full accreditation, granted by the Council of British International Schools or COBIS,” said Palinyakone Panyathip, CEO of PBIS.

Palinyakone Panyathip, CEO of PBIS. (Photo: Nu)

To receive the accreditation from COBIS, the institution was closely examined and evaluated by the COBIS Accreditation Team and the COBIS Membership and Accreditation Committee of the COBIS Board to verify if the school had complied with the council’s nine Compliance Standards. The standards include safeguarding and safer recruitment, student welfare, facilities, leadership in the school, and more.

Through this rigorous process of accreditation, PBIS was awarded Beacon Status for Safer Recruitment, a significant distinction as PBIS becomes only the 2nd of all 450 COBIS member schools and organizations in the world to receive such distinction.

The Safer Recruitment Standard applies to a school’s recruitment process which is deemed to be fair, thorough and transparent, and applies to all appointments consistently. Staff within the school, including volunteers and supply staff, must also meet high standards of child protection and the safeguarding of students.

“I’m proud of the collective efforts of our amazing team, teachers, guardians, students, and management team. We’ve all come together and worked tirelessly to achieve this remarkable milestone,” said Pathana Panyathip, Founder and Executive Advisor of PBIS.

Pathana Panyathip, Founder and Executive Advisor of PBIS. (Photo: Nu)

Melanie Barlow, United Kingdom Ambassador to Laos, also spoke at the event, expressing her delight for PBIS in achieving such high standards in education.

“I’m delighted that Panyathip British International School has achieved this significant milestone and rigorous COBIS accreditation,” she said at the press conference.

Melanie Barlow, United Kingdom Ambassador to Laos. (Photo: Nu)

The COBIS accreditation further strengthens Panyathip British International School’s position as a leading educational institution in Laos and the wider region. With this recognition, the school proudly stands among a select group of institutions worldwide that have met the rigorous standards set forth by COBIS.

PBIS states that it remains committed to nurturing the holistic development of its students and providing them with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. The COBIS accreditation serves as a milestone in the school’s journey, inspiring continued growth and excellence in education.

Students of the PBIS Choir put hand on heart as they sing the PBIS anthem. (Photo: Nu)