ASEAN-South Korea Music Festival 2024 Coming to Laos in November

(Photo: The Star)

The ASEAN-South Korea Music Festival 2024 (2024 ROUND) is set to take place in Laos this November.

The festival, themed ‘Step Out, Sing As One,’ aims to foster closer cultural bonds and facilitate dialogue between ASEAN member countries and South Korea through the universal language of music, according to the ASEAN Secretariat.

This year’s event, organized by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and supported by the South Korean government through the ASEAN-South Korea Cooperation Fund, will commemorate its fourth year since its establishment in 2020.

Annually, the ASEAN-South Korea festival aligns with the rotation of the Chairmanship of ASEAN. With Laos assuming the rotating chairmanship of ASEAN in 2024, hosting the festival holds particular significance as a major cultural event during its leadership tenure.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic’s three-year hiatus, the festival successfully returned in 2023 with its first offline concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Drawing in over 2,000 enthusiastic attendees and selling out pre-sale tickets, it proved to be a success.

To be well-prepared for the highly anticipated 2024 ROUND, the ASEAN-Korea Music Forum is scheduled to take place on 5-6 March in Seoul, South Korea. The forum will bring together music industry professionals from South Korea and ASEAN member countries to explore the vision and potential of both regions’ music in the global market.

Discussions at the forum will also delve into KBS’ innovative AI solution, ‘VVERTIGO,’ and showcase South Korean broadcasting technology through music programs.

Additionally, this year’s festival holds special significance for ASEAN and South Korea as they commemorate the 35th anniversary of their partnership, which was established in 1989. The relationship between ASEAN and South Korea has deepened over the years, evolving from sectoral dialogue to comprehensive cooperation in 2004 and culminating in a strategic partnership in 2010.