Muay Lao Fighters Gear Up for Kickboxing Event in Vientiane

(Photo: Muay Lao Federation)

Lao fighters are preparing for the anticipated fourth round of the Muay Lao Fight, competing for the Government Honour Belts. The matches are set to take place at the Lao-Japan Budo Centre in Vientiane on 7 April.

Scheduled for 5 pm, the competition will feature kickboxers competing across various weight categories, including four bouts in the 51 kilograms (kg) division, two in the 57 kg category, and three in the 65 kg weight class.

The competition will also draw special contestants from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and two Iranian nationals – who are based in Thailand – to join as representatives from their respective countries.

In a joint effort, the National Olympic Committee of Laos and the Muay Lao Federation hosted a press conference on 2 April to highlight the competition’s progress. Toudavanh Normeuangset, Vice President and Secretary General of the Muay Lao Federation emphasized that the event will serve as a key platform to evaluate the skills of the younger generation of Lao kickboxers.

Winners in the 57 kg and 65 kg divisions will be awarded government belts along with a cash prize of LAK 100 million (USD 4,752), while the champion of the 51 kg category will secure a belt and LAK 60 million (USD 2,851).

Additionally, the Muay Lao Federation aims to seek talents to represent at the Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok in November later this year, and other upcoming international competitions, while also evaluating the organizational and refereeing skills of federation officials during this competition.